Dr. James W. Fetzner Jr.
Visiting Assistant Curator
Section of Invertebrate Zoology
Carnegie Museum of Natural History
4400 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA  15213-4080



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    Phylogenetics, population genetics, crustacean systematics, Lepidopteran systematics, molecular evolution, conservation genetics, and biodiversity.
    Representative Publications:
Wiens, J. J, T. W. Reeder, J. W. Fetzner, Jr., C. L. Parkinson and W. E. Duellman.  2005.  Hylid Frog Phylogeny and Sampling Strategies for Speciose Clades.  Systematic Biology 54(5): 719-749.

Fetzner Jr., J.W. and K. A. Crandall. 2003. Linear habitats and the Nested Clade Analysis: An empirical evaluation of geographic vs. river distances using an Ozark crayfish (Decapoda: Cambaridae). Evolution. 57(9): 2101-2118.

Cryan, J.R., J.K. Liebherr, J.W. Fetzner Jr., and M.F. Whiting. 2001. Evaluation of Relationships within the Endemic Hawaiian Platynini (Coleoptera: Carabidae) Based on Molecular and Morphological Evidence. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution. 21(1):72-85.

Fetzner Jr., J.W. and K.A. Crandall. 2002. Genetic Variation. In: Biology of Freshwater Crayfish. (D. Holdich, ed). Pg. 291-326. Blackwell Science Ltd., Oxford, England.

Crandall, K. A., D. J. Harris, and J. W. Fetzner Jr. 2000. The monophyletic origin of freshwater crayfishes estimated from nuclear and mitochondrial DNA sequences. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London, Series B 267:1679-1686.

Fetzner Jr., J. W. 1999. Extracting high quality DNA from shed reptile skins: A simplified method. Biotechniques 26(6):1052-1054.

Fetzner Jr., J. W. and K. A. Crandall. 1999. Genetic variability within and among populations of the golden crayfish (Orconectes luteus) determined using amplified fragment length polymorphisms (AFLPs). Freshwater Crayfish 12: 396-412.

Fetzner Jr, J. W. 1996. Biochemical systematics and evolution of the crayfish genus Orconectes (Decapoda: Cambaridae). Journal of Crustacean Biology 16(1): 111-141.

Krajewski, C. and J. W. Fetzner Jr. 1994. Phylogeny of cranes (Gruiformes: Gruidae) based on cytochrome-b DNA sequences. The Auk 111(2): 351-365


3. Fetzner Jr., J. W. and Robert J. DiStefano. 2005Phylogeographic analysis of Orconectes williamsi, a critically imperiled crayfish from the upper White River drainage of southwestern Missouri:  Implications for conservation.  Missouri Department of Conservation, Final Report. Columbia, Missouri.  (Final project report submitted to the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service).

2. Poly, W. J. and J. W. Fetzner Jr.  2005.  Population genetics of the fringed darter, Etheostoma crossopterum, in Illinois as determined from analysis of three microsatellite loci in five populations.  Final report submitted to the Illinois Department of Natural Resources.

1. Seeb, L. W., C. Habicht, W. D. Templin, J. W. Fetzner Jr., R. B. Gates and J. E. Seeb. 1995. Genetic diversity of Sockeye salmon (Oncorhynchus nerka) of Cook Inlet, Alaska, and its application to restoration of injured populations of the Kenai River. Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Restoration Project Final Report. Restoration Projects 93012 and 94255. Alaska Department of Fish and Game, Division of Commercial Fisheries Management and Development, Anchorage, Alaska.   [pdf 7.6Mb]

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