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Freshwater Crayfish : A Journal of Astacology


Freshwater Crayfish is published bi-annually (every two years) and is a collection of papers presented
at the International Symposia on Freshwater Crayfish Sponsored by the International Association of Astacology.

Links on this page point to the Table of Contents for each volume and at some point, links will be provided
to downloadable PDF files.

If you would like PDF copies of early, now out of print, volumes they will be made available on CD for a nominal
price for members of the society ($10.00 US dollars per volume), or a slightly higher cost to non-members.

A link is also provided to the table of contents for the recently published book entitled
Biology of Freshwater Crayfish, edited by David Holdich.  This is a great resource book
for anyone interested in freshwater crayfish, and we encourage everyone to obtain a copy
from the publisher.  There is a 25% discount available for IAA members:
 75 instead of 99.50!
Ordering details can be obtained by email from

Content from out of print volumes of Freshwater Crayfish will be made available to members for download
from this website as they become available. 

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Freshwater Crayfish Volumes
  1.  1973 - edited by S.A. Abrahamsson
  2.  1975 - edited by J.W. Avault Jr.
  3.  1977 - edited by O.V. Lindqvist
  4.  1979 - edited by P.J. Laurent
  5.  1983 - edited by C.R. Goldman
  6.  1986 - edited by P. Brinck
  7.  1988 - edited by P. Goeldin de Tiefenau
  8.  1995 - edited by R.P. Romaire
  9.  1993 - edited by D.M. Holdich & G.F. Warner
10.  1995 - edited by M.C. Geddes, D.R. Fielder & A.M.M. Richardson
11.  1997 - edited by W.T. Momot
12.  1999 - edited by M. Keller, M.M. Keller, B. Oidtmann, R. Hoffman & G. Vogt
13.  2002 - edited by G.J. Whisson & B. Knott
14.  2004 - edited by Pedro Joaqun Gutirrez-Yurrita
15.  2006 - edited by David Rogers
16.  2008 - edited by James M. Furse & James W. Fetzner Jr.


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