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This web site was developed so that people interested in crayfish (crawfish) could identify specimens in their collections.  The key, text and figures found in the following web pages were obtained from the publication below:

Horton H. Hobbs, Jr.  1972.  Biota of Freshwater Ecosystems:  Identification Manual No. 9.  Crayfishes (Astacidea) of North and Middle America.  For the Environmental Protection Agency, Project # 18050 ELD.

It should be noted that a large number of species have been described since this publication (~130), therefore not all of the species found in North and Middle America can be identified using this key.  Click here for a list of species covered by this key.

The pages contained in this web site are graphically intensive, so it may take a while to load each page, especially if you have a slow connection.


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This web page is dedicated to the memory of Horton H. Hobbs, Jr. (1914-1994).

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