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Horton H. Hobbs Jr.
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A brief introduction includes discussions of the systematic position of the 288 recognized species and subspecies of the American crayfishes, their introductions into various regions of the United States and foreign lands, their habitats, methods of collecting and preservation, and problems of identification.  Included in the series of illustrated keys that constitute the major part of the work are indications of the habitats and range of each crayfish.   A list of selected references is followed by two appendices: one summarizing the distribution of each crayfish and the other consisting of a list of states and provinces with references to the crayfish that occur within them.  An index to the taxa included constitutes the final section.


Editors Note:  There are now ~415 recognized crayfish species in North and Middle America, therefore, ~130 species can not be identified using these keys.  Where applicable, species not appearing in the keys are noted and links to appropriate pages on the Tree of Life (crayfishes) are supplied for distributional and other information.




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