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Especial thanks are due Margaret A. Daniel who not only helped in the preparation of the illustrations, but also, by testing the keys, aided immeasurably in improving several sections of the paper.  I am also grateful to Alejandro Villalobos who kindly lent me specimens of a number of Mexican species that otherwise were unavailable.  Others whose advice, criticisms of the manuscript, or contributions of information have been most helpful are: Raymond W. Bouchard, Fenner A. Chace, Jr., Martha R Cooper, Joseph F. Fitzpatrick, Jr., Carolyn B. Gast, Georgia B. Hobbs, H.H. Hobbs III, Raymond B. Manning, and Isabel Pérez Farfante. To all of these persons, I am most grateful.  For her patience and efforts in producing the tedious typescript, I extend my appreciation to Willie D. Mincey.





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