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  • Crayfish Names Dictionary Spellchecker
    • Installation Instructions For PCs
      1. To use the file as a dictionary, save it to a convenient location on your computer (e.g., folder on your C drive, etc.). The downloaded file must remain on your computer if you wish to continue to use the crayfish names spell-checker.  The file contains scientific names of all taxonomic categories and species names, common names, and author names.  Also included are names for the marine lobsters.

      2. In Microsoft Word, click on Tools -> Options -> Spelling and Grammar.

      In Word 2010, click File > Options > Proffing.

      3. Click on Custom Dictionaries/Dictionaries, then click on Add. At the bottom of the screen, click on Files of Type and select All Files. At the top of the screen in the Look In box, click the down arrow, and click on the location (e.g., C drive folder, etc.) where you downloaded and saved the file.

      4. Find the file ("Crayfish_Names_Dictionary-Jan2010.txt") and double-click on it.

      5. The "Crayfish_Names_Dictionary-Jan2010.txt" file should now be in the Dictionary list, preceded by a checkmark. Click OK. Click OK in the Options dialog box as well. All documents in Microsoft Word can now be spell-checked using the new dictionary.

      Enjoy !

      Click here to download the Crayfish Names Dictionary text file.
      [Right-click link and select "Save Target As..."]

      (file last updated: 22-Jan-2010) Updated to include newly described species.



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