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Trichocera garretti Alexander

The common “winter crane flies” may be easily found during the fall and spring and likewise occurring outdoors on warm days in winter.  They tend to fly in small swarms in sunlit places.  They can also be found in caverns, mines and similar darkened places.  Adults of winter crane flies can be easily recognized from common crane flies by their A2 veins which are shorter and strongly curved at apex and bent suddenly towards the wing margins (see images below).  The larvae live in decaying vegetable matter, as beneath rotted leaves, in stored roots and tubers, in fungi, and in similar haunts showing organic decay (Alexander, 1942).  The adults are about 7-9 mm in size, dark brown.  Their legs are long and slender but do not break readily as in other crane flies.

Trichocera species Photo by Stephen Cresswell  
Trichocera species by Richard Leung


    Trichocera species         by Tom Murray


Trichocera species by Tom Murray

















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