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  Tipulidae: Cylindrotominae


Tipulidae: Cylindrotominae 

| Liogma nodicornis | Phalacrocera tipulina |

Liogma nodicornis (Osten Sacken)   [^Top]

This species is about 9-12 mm in size and the body is polished black in color.  They can be recognized by the strong nodules of the antennae.  The adults are sluggish fliers and are common in deep shaded woods along streams and along wooded margins of marshes.  The larvae feed on terrestrial mosses.  The flight time for this species in our area is from late May to early July.

  Liogma nodicornis by Steve Marshall  Liogma nodicornis (male) Liogma nodicornis (female)


Phalacrocera tipulina Osten Sacken   [^Top]

This species is dark brown to black and the body length is about 10-14 mm.  It occurs in or near sphagnum bogs in mountainous localities.  They are often found hanging on the low branches of trees along the edges of marshes.  The larvae differ from those of all the other crane flies in their habit of feeding on the leaves of various living bryophytic and spermatophytic plants, where they feed almost in the manner of certain lepidopterous caterpillars (Alexander, 1942).


Phalacrocera tipulina (male)   Phalacrocera tipulina (female) 

















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