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  Welcome to the BSF Website :  
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The resources of the Section of Invertebrate Zoology (IZ) at Carnegie Museum of Natural History (CMNH) consist of a large collection of well-prepared specimens, an extensive library of both monographic and periodical literature, and unique expertise of both staff and an extended network of associates and collaborators.   These resources enable systematic research on most non-marine groups arthropods.  They also allow IZ to provide basic collection services for a variety of clients, including field sampling, specimen sorting, preparation, labeling, sample archiving, specimen vouchering/curation, data capture, imaging, and specimen renovation as necessary.  These diverse resources allow IZ to provide large volume, authoritative identification services from monitoring or research programs involving arthropod samples, in the context of collection-based documentation through the preparation, curation, and preservation of specimens.      Read More ...

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  About Our Services:  
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Collection and identification services almost always involve IZ receiving one or more samples with associated data, each sample containing one to many specimens that when prepared to professional standards may be identified, databased, and curated into the CMNH collection. For one-time, routine services involving the vouchering, preparation, identification, curation, or imaging of one or a few specimens, simply contact the curator in charge, and he will connect you with appropriate persons and resources, or advise as necessary.  For larger volume services continuing over time and involving many samples, a more formal client relationship is required and this should also be discussed with the curator in charge, John Rawlins. If these discussions lead to a mutually acceptable arrangement for obtaining collection services and/or identifications, then IZ will register the new client, giving them access to this web site and the services it provides.  Clients include government agencies (federal, state, and local), private individuals, corporations, conservancies, non-government conservation organizations, resource managers, and university research programs such as National Science Foundation biotic inventories.

This web site facilitates the flow of information between clients providing samples, and CMNH identification services.  It provides a means for secure and private communication between clients and identifiers with respect to one or more of the following actions: the shipment, handling, and archiving of samples; the processing and preparation of specimens, the sorting or screening of materials to locate targeted taxa, the identification of designated species or lineages (target taxa), the transfer and handling of field collection data, the production of labels to accommodate both samples and prepared specimens; the capture of data associated with specimens; rapid access to full compilations of  sample and identification data to date; and first alert services warning of the recognition of targeted taxa.  A client with thousands of samples submitted over several months and involving tens of thousands of specimens, can track samples and access identifications with full data at their pleasure.

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The BSF is now accepting projects for the 2018 field season.
Current BSF clients should contact Bob Androw regarding data handling and sample submissions for the upcoming season.
New or prospective clients, click here to download our flyer for more information.

An updated User Manual is now available for download after you login.  Just click the "User Manual" link on the main menu.

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